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Travel & Tourism

Travel- Air access, documentation, guide, etiquette, driving, accommodation, clothing

Cook Islands Business & Tourism Pages

Cook Islands Tourism web site

A useful site with details of airline timetables, tourist accommodation, tourist attractions, local events; and the ability to request additional information.

Hotels and resorts,Rarotonga


Budget accommodation,Rarotonga

Private accommodation, Rarotonga

Atiu Villas, Atiu Island

Phone (682) 33 777 Fax (682) 33 775

On-line bookings at - www.atiuvillas.com

Atiu Island Home web pages - www.atiu.info


Outer islands accommodation

Air New Zealand flights

Air Rarotonga - The Airline of the Cook Islands

Shipping - Shipping information

Travel agents

Sea sports- Diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing

Events - Festivals, happenings, sports

Getting married in the Cook Islands - Licences, legal requirements,


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