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Solutions With Trusts DVD

Many people let trusts slip into their 'too hard' basket. Such delays lessen the opportunity of ensuring that your important objectives objectives are achieved, and increase the risk of occurrences that could prevent you from achieving your objectives.

"Solutions with Trusts DVD", presented by Trust expert Ross Holmes, explores and explains the reasons for setting up an asset protection plan that utilises trusts, resulting in financial safety and protection both during your lifetime and for those you wish to pass your successes to. This DVD gives the keys to successful asset protection planning, giving advice and guidance on how to succeed through identifying risks, planning now, making your asset protection work, making your trust work, and success through recording and regularly updating your objectives.

Australian wealth coach Hans Jacobi interviews Ross on the following topics:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Financial success and security for your family and business.

Chapter 3 What is a trust?

Chapter 4 How a trust can help you achieve financial success and security.

Chapter 5 Why your current asset protection methods may not be safe

Chapter 6 How a trust works.

Chapter 7 Operating the trust.

Chapter 8 Other Information

Chapter 9 Using Ross Holmes Trusts Limited for your Asset Protection Plan and Trust.

Chapter 10: Using DYOdocs.com for your legal documents

Chapter 11: The costs involved.

Chapter 12 Australia's wealth coach Hans Jacobi

The presente r Ross Holmes specialises in Asset protection planning and trust solutions. He is a managing partner of Ross Holmes Lawyers, a Director of Ross Holmes Trusts Limited, a company specialising in business, asset protection, trust and Taxation Solutions planning and a director of a number of private companies. He has been a practising lawyer since 1973 and is a member of the international Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. He has published several books on Asset protection planning and trust solutions, is a consulting author to legal publishers Lexis Nexis legal text book for lawyers "Law if Trusts" (New Zealand), and gives regular seminars on the same topics.

Act now. Byviewing this DVD you will motivate yourself to set up your own trust. Age and inflation will otherwise stop you obtaining as much protection as you can now.

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