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How to start a trust




In my work as a trust specialist I have found that the five common mistakes which people make when setting up a trust are:

  1. Being advised to have an independent trustee, but not being told that:
    1. All Trustees must normally be involved in every decision.
    2. To change or remove a Trustee is very expensive.
  2. Getting no practical running instructions, and therefore not knowing how to run the trust.
  3. Getting no template minutes for trust decisions, and therefore not knowing how to record decisions.
  4. Getting a Trust Deed only, and no Deeds of Loan, Deeds of Gift or initial minutes of Trustees.
  5. New wills leaving your assets to the Trust are not prepared.


There is no need for you to make these mistakes.

This page of our web site contains the information which you need in order to make an informed decision as to whether to set up a trust, and how you can avoid the five common mistakes.

Step 1. Getting started.

To do so you simply need to:


Step 2. Gain a better understanding of how a trust, as part of an asset protection plan, can assist to protect your important assets against risk by watching our online DVD Success with Trusts from Internetvideos on Vimeo.

Our experience from dealing with thousands of trust clients over the years is that after reading this brochure, attending one of our seminars or watching our DVD you will have a far better understanding how to run the trust and make valid trustees decisions.

Step 3. See a trust expert.

We would like to offer you a one hour, free, no-obligation session to discuss your unique individual situation. Please call us now on + 09 415 0099 extension 0 for an appointment on a date and time that suits you. For clients who live out of Auckland, we can hold meetings via skype, messenger or telephone.

Before that meeting please send us your completed questionnaire by email (as an attachment) to reception@rossholmes.co.nz.

Step 4.Our promises

1. If you have assets or are building up assets, you come see one of our trust experts for 30 minutes without cost. We can relate everything we know to your personal situation.

2. The trusts we form are no more difficult to run than your own affairs. While I studied trust law as part of my honours degree in law at University, and write the trust administration chapters for Lexis Nexis legal textbook "Law of Trusts", what sets us apart from other firms is our unique detailed running instructions and draft minutes which have been developed as a result of many years of hands-on experience in running my own trusts, and training my clients do so. As a result, the trusts we prepare will work much the same as you presently do.

3. We are here to support you as required if you need advice. There is no need to have expensive independent trustees just in case you need advice.

4. There are no ongoing fees unless you consult us, and you are not tied to us in any way.

 We look forward to meeting you and assisting you to achieve your objectives.

If you are not our clients call the experts at Ross Holmes Lawyers for a

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