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In our work with property purchasers we have found that the five common mistakes which people make when purchasing a property are:

  1. Not taking legal advice before signing the agreement for sale and purchase. It is essential that a due diligence clause, drafted by a lawyer, is included in the sale and purchase agreement before you sign it, so that you can make all necessary inquiries to ensure that the property is not defective, is not overpriced, and is suitable for your needs.
  2. Where appropriate failing to obtain:
    1. A registered valuer’s report
    2. A LIM report
    3. The complete council file on the property to see if there were any construction problems
    4. A building inspection report.
  3. Failing to negotiate the best finance terms with lenders.
  4. Getting no, or inadequate, advice on who should own the property - yourself, a trust, a company or a limited partnership.
  5. Getting no, or inadequate, guidance from their lawyer on the property purchase process.

There is no need for you to make these mistakes.

You need to instruct property lawyers, such as ourselves, to assist you with your purchase.

See a property law expert

You need to instruct a property lawyer, such as ourselves, to assist you with your purchase. We would like to offer you a half-hour, free, no-obligation session to discuss your property purchase before you sign an agreement. Please call us now on + 09 415 0099 extension 0 or email us on reception@rossholmes.co.nz for an appointment on a date and time that suits you. We can hold meetings via skype, messenger or telephone.

Our promises

1. If you are purchasing a property, you can come and see one of our property law experts for 30 minutes without cost. We can relate everything we know to your personal situation.

2. We are here to support you as required through your purchase.

3. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you to purchase your property.


If you are not our clients call the experts at Ross Holmes Lawyers for a

free 30 minute appointment

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